Which Brazilian states export the most?

Brazil plays an important role in world exports, with the top 10 consumers being China, the United States, the Netherlands, Argentina, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Spain and South Korea.

Here on the Modal Comex blog, we will show you the main exporting states and the 10 main products.

You will see in this post:

  • What is export?;
  • States that most export in Brazil;
  • 10 most exported products
  • 2021 statistical data

What is export?

Before we show you which are the states and products that most export, we will explain to you in a very objective way what export is.

Basically, export is the departure of goods, products and services from the country of origin. This operation may involve payment, such as the sale of products, or not, as in the case of donations.

States that export the most in Brazil.

Now that you know the concept of export, I will show you the states that most export in Brazil.

  1. São Paulo
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. Minas Gerais
  4. Rio Grande do Sul
  5. Pará
  6. Mato Grosso
  7. Paraná
  8. Holy Spirit
  9. Santa Catarina
  10. Bahia

10 most exported products by Brazil

  1. Iron ore
  2. Soy
  3. Crude petroleum oils
  4. Sugars and molasses
  5. Beef
  6. Soybean Meals
  7. Petroleum fuel oils
  8. Products for the Manufacturing Industry
  9. Poultry Meat
  10. Cellulose

Statistical Data for 2021

Despite the fact that we live in a world very affected by Covid, Brazil had a surplus of US$ 57 million until November 2021. Totaling US$ 256 million in exports.