Ports in Paraná with an increase in the number of cargoes in October.

General cargo movement through the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina registered an increase of 25% in October. There were 5,062,722 tons this year, compared to 4,043,048 tons loaded and unloaded in October 2021. Over the ten months, the increase was 2.5%. From January to October, this year, the ports of Paraná handled 49,689,689 tons of products in both directions of foreign trade. In the same period last year, port movement totaled 48,504,072 tons.

Balance – The balance was released by Portos do Paraná this Thursday (10/11). “We saw increases in all segments: general cargo, liquid bulk and solid bulk,” said the CEO of the public company, Luiz Fernando Garcia. “In all of them, the increase was driven by exports, with very significant increases.”

Exports – In October, exports totaled 3,132,590 tons – 59% more than in the same month of 2021 (with 1,975,090 tons). From January to October, there was an increase of 8% in the volume shipped through the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina. “We have already exported almost 31 million tons of cargo this year,” said Garcia.

2021 – In 2021, in the ten months, 28,261,011 tons were exported through Paraná port terminals.

Segments – In volume, the ports of Paraná stand out in the movement of solid bulk. There were 3,074,455 tons in October – almost 40% more than last year, with 2,212,545 tons. In ten months, solid bulk reached 30,885,876 tons, an increase of 2% compared to the 30,373,099 tons recorded in the same period in 2021.

General cargo – In general cargo, in the ten months the increase was also 2%, from 11,462,593 tons in 2021 to 11,650,511 in 2022. In the month of October alone, 1,210,029 tons of general cargo were moved in both directions. In the same month last year, 1,198,190 tons.

Liquid bulk – The biggest growth was recorded among liquid bulk: 7% more in the year to date: from 6,662,710 tons to 7,162,302 tons. Specifically in October, the increase was almost 23% – from 633,106 tons (2021) to 778,238 tons (2022).

Products – In all segments the increases were driven by exports. Among solid bulk, the highlights are the increases in shipments of corn (512%, accumulated), soybean meal (13%, accumulated) and sugar (1% accumulated).

General cargo – In general cargo, accumulated exports of containers (6%) and cellulose (12%) had a positive impact on the segment’s overall result. Among liquid bulk, the accumulated volume of soybean oil shipments (38%) sustained the increase.