Port of Santos handled 162.4 million tons in 2022

Value 10.5% above the 2021 record

The Port of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, handled 162.4 million tons of cargo in 2022, a volume 10.5% higher than the record that had been recorded in 2021. Shipments increased 15.1%, reaching 118. 7 million tons, and landings totaled 43.7 million tons, the Santos Port Authority (SPA) stated in a statement. In four years, accumulated growth was 22%, which represents an annual increase of 5.1%, highlighted SPA.

The Port of Santos’ participation in the Brazilian trade current represented 28.8% of the national share in 2022, with a flow of 5,202 ships (growth of 7.1% compared to 2021). Agribusiness goods are mainly responsible for the year’s accumulated cargo. In particular, the volumes shipped of soybeans (which increased 9.6% compared to 2021), corn (+80.8%), cellulose (+59%), citrus juices (+9.6%) and meat (+20%). Movement in December also reached its highest mark for the month, reaching 12.1 million tons.

With regard to containers, the Port of Santos reached 5 million TEU (unit equivalent to 1 20-foot container) in 2022, which means an increase of 21% in four years, 3.2% compared to 2021 is a historic record. In December alone, 375.7 thousand TEU were handled.

The Port is approaching its maximum container handling capacity of 5.3 million TEUs/year. In the note, the port authority highlights that, with the Development and Zoning Plan (PDZ) approved in 2020, the Port of Santos is undertaking projects to meet the increase in demand. “Among these planned projects is the new container terminal, STS 10, which will increase capacity for this cargo by 2.3 million TEU/year, removing the risk of the Port operating at its capacity limit for containers,” stated SPA .