Hebei, northern China province, records 17% increase in foreign trade in the first quarter of 2023

North China’s Hebei Province recorded a significant increase in foreign trade in the first quarter of 2023, totaling 143.08 billion yuan ($20.7 billion), representing a year-on-year increase of 17 percent. According to the customs authority in Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital, Hebei’s exports grew 22.3% year on year to reach 87.91 billion yuan, while its imports increased by 9.5% to reach 55.17 billion yuan .

According to Shijiazhuang customs data, the United States, ASEAN, the European Union and the Republic of Korea are the province’s main trading partners, with trade totaling 19.11 billion yuan, 18.54 billion yuan, 14 .72 billion yuan and 6.09 billion yuan, respectively.

Furthermore, Hebei’s trade with countries along the Belt and Road increased by 25.3 percent year on year, totaling 52.44 billion yuan and accounting for 36.7 percent of the province’s total foreign trade volume. These results reflect the growing importance of Hebei Province on the global trade scene.