Commercial, technological and agricultural agreements are established between Brazil and China

Last Friday (April 14, 2023), there were
The Brazilian government announced 15 agreements signed with China. O
President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who is visiting the Asian country
since last Wednesday (April 12), it has passed through Shanghai and Beijing.

Among the agreements announced, some are linked to the sector
of agribusiness. The governments of both countries established a work plan
to cooperate in the electronic certification of products of animal origin. In addition
In addition, a protocol for sanitary and quarantine requirements was created that
apply to processed protein from land animals that will be exported from the
Brazil to China.

During his speech alongside Chinese Prime Minister Li
Qiang, last Friday (April 14), Lula expressed the desire to expand
cooperation in areas such as science and technology and developing industry
space in partnership with China.

In this sense, the two countries signed a protocol for the
joint development of the Cbers-6 satellite and announced a plan to
2023-2032 space cooperation between the China National Space Administration
and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).

Furthermore, several agreements have been signed in the
communication, including a television co-production agreement between the two countries
and another of cooperation between the Chinese state news agency Xinhua and the
Brazilian Communications Company (EBC).

A summary of the agreements that were closed:

TRADE – To further deepen cooperation
bilateral trade, the countries will form a Working Group between Itamaraty,
Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services with the Ministry
of China Commerce. The group will work to find solutions to avoid
unnecessary barriers, promote the exchange of information and
trade facilitation with a view to making circulation, release
and customs clearance of goods.

Cooperation agreements in certification were also signed
electronics for products of animal origin and established protocols between the
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the General Administration of Customs of
China on sanitary and quarantine requirements for processed protein from
terrestrial animals to be exported from Brazil to China.

complementary protocol on the joint development of CBERS-6 between
two governments. The agreement involves jointly manufacturing, launching and operating the
satellite to ensure continuous delivery of CBERS imagery with its
technical parameters and work sharing specified in the Report
Work approved.

Other cooperation agreements in research and innovation;
information technologies; communication; digital and space economy 2023-2032
were also signed.

COMMUNICATION – In the area of ​​communication, a
television co-production between the two governments and signed memorandum of
understanding between Chinese media group and the Ministry of Relations
Brazilian institutions. Cooperation agreement between the news agency
Xinhua and Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) will enable the supply
free news between the two companies.

establish a structure of economic and financial cooperation based on
principle of reciprocity, the Brazilian Ministry of Finance and the Ministry
of Chinese Finance signed a memorandum of understanding in the area. In the document,
the parties recognize the opportunity to enhance cooperation in activities
of sustainable finance, co-financing and investment in infrastructure,
encouraging and supporting the participation of public financial institutions and

The Ministry of Development and Social Assistance,
Family and Combating Hunger and the Ministry of Agrarian Development and
Family Farming signed a cooperation memorandum with China for the
social and rural development and combating hunger and poverty, through exchange
of experiences, promotion of studies and sharing of knowledge, as well as
as well as the possibility of establishing arrangements to promote value chains and
socially fair trade, respecting national legislation and taking into account
consideration of different realities and contexts.